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Are there any hidden costs?

No, absolutely not. The power of our formula is in the transparency of the subscriptions.

When will the subscription costs be debited?

The subscription costs are processed on the first working day of the following month.

Can I cancel every month?

All subscriptions can be canceled monthly, so you can try out a more expensive subscription for a short period or adjust your subscription to your new wishes.

Are the products offered authentic?

All products are original, authentic and with full manufacturer’s warranty.

What are marketplaces?

A Marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. Munazzo allows you to list products on all marketplaces with just a few clicks.

What is real-time stock?

The real-time stock that is indicated is the stock that we have available immediately. Please note that the delivery time may differ per product due to size, weight and nature.

What does importing products involve?

Adding products to your webshop can sometimes take a lot of time and effort. To speed up this process, we have developed an Import Tool that allows you to place products from our catalog directly to your webshop. This not only saves time and effort, but also costs for managing products.

How do I become a seller?

You can become a seller by clicking on the Register Seller button. You need to fill in all of your company details. After your account has been approved, you can start selling.